DAV University’s Environment Education Programme sees ten-year-old give tough competition to senior contestants

DAV University’s Environment Education Programme sees ten-year-old give tough competition to senior contestants

Jalandhar, March 27/ SS CHAHAL

Ten-year-old Aatman Jamwal proved that age is just a number as he gave tough competition to his much senior counterparts at a three-day Environment Education Programme organized by DAV University. Aatman, the youngest contestant, is studying in the fourth grade at Delhi Public School, Jalandhar.

The event was organized under Mission Life initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change (MoEF & CC) and sponsored by Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST).

Apart from Aatman, Hemish, another young student from Cambridge School, participated in almost all events and bagged prizes in many of them.

The program, which saw the participation of over 1000 students, aimed to educate the youth on the importance of solid waste management and recycling. The event also hosted several prominent speakers who discussed different aspects of waste management and recycling.


Harpreet Singh, CEO, Green Brigade Private Limited, introduced the audience to various ways of recycling solid waste. Mr. Puneet, State Co-Convener, Hariawal Punjab, highlighted the importance of waste segregation for recycling. Reena Chadha, General Manager, Indian Pollution Control Agency, stressed the role of youth in solid waste management and educated students about internship options and job avenues.

On the concluding day of the program, Gautam Sharma, CEO, Surya Chemicals, introduced the different ways of recycling hazardous waste. He said that used cooking oil was used tp produce bio-diesel. He said that reduction in waste and its recycling waste could help check environmental pollution.

Ten competitions were organized at different venues on March 23-24, 2023, during the workshop. Hemish, another young student in the ninth grade at Cambridge School, participated in almost all events and won prizes in many of them. All the competitions were coordinated by Dr. Rekha Gaba, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, DAV University, Jalandhar.

Dr Manoj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, DAV University said that students took away valuable insights into solid waste management and recycling. He hoped that the participants will implement these learnings in their daily lives and contribute towards a cleaner and greener future.


Debate Competition: Mansi Mandla and Mrinalini (DAV University) – First; Charu, Muskan (DAV University) – Second; Anushuma and Ritika Jalan (DAV College, Jalandhar) – third; Quiz: Inderjit, Reetarshee, Anchal (DAV University) – first; Deepinder Kaur, Navleen Kaur, Akanksha (DAV College, Jalandhar) – second; Sachin, Sashank and Harman Preet (DAV University) – third; Slogan Writing: Jahanvi (DAV College Jalandar) – first; Kamaljit Kaur (DAV University) – second; Lovish (DAV University) and Hemish (Cambridge School) – third; Poster Presentation: Radhika Sharma (DAV College Jalandhar), Harmanpreet Kaur (DAV University) – first; Aatman Jamwal (Delhi Public School), Shikha Verma (DAV College Jalandhar) – second; Sachin, Sashank, Anmoldeep Kaur (DAV University) – third; Model Display: Sanjeev Kumar, Harmandeep Kaur (DAV University) – first; Abhinandan, Chandani (DAV University) – second; Ritika and Anchal (DAV College Jalandhar) – third; Photography: Farha Begum (DAV University Jalandhar) – first; Inderjit Singh (DAV University) – second; Diksha (DAV University) – third; Best Out of Waste Competition: Indu Bala, Khushboo (DAV College Jalandhar); Anjali, Mansi Pathania (DAV University) – second; Nikita Sharma, Nikhil Mehra (DAV University), Hemish (Cambridge School) – third; Painting: Anchal Bharti ((DAV University) – first; Tamanna Rani (DAV University) – second; Anjali Kumari (DAV University) – third. Rangoli: Farha Begum, Akshita (DAV University) – first; Sejal, Jahanvi (DAV University) – second; Kirti, Harmanpreet, Hemish (Cambridge International) – third; Digital Poster: Sachin, Sashank (DAV University) – first; Abhishek, Amrit (DAV Jalandhar) – second; Manhil, Inderjit, Pranshu, Mehak (DAV University) – third.

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